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Local Journals

  • Advances in Integrative Medicine

    Circulation: 1000   Average visits per month: 776

    Specialty: integrative medicine

    The journal includes rigorous quantitative and qualitative research including systematic reviews, clinical trials, surveys and case studies disclosing practical learning tools for medical practitioners seeking to integrate evidence-based complementary medicine into mainstream practice.

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  • Australasian Emergency Care

    Circulation: 1400   Average visits per month: 1870

    Specialty: nursing, emergency nursing

    The journal serves the professional practice needs of emergency nurses by providing them with high-quality information directly relevant to their contemporary practice.

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  • Australian Critical Care

    Circulation: 2200   Average visits per month: 3456

    Specialty: nursing, critical care nursing

    The journal provides clinically relevant research, reviews and articles of interest to the critical care community.

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  • Collegian

    The Australian Journal of Nursing Practice, Scholarship and Research

    Circulation: now online only for Australian College of Nursing members  
    Average visits per month: 4186

    Specialty: Nursing

    The journal aims to reflect the broad interests of nurses and the nursing profession, and to challenge nurses on emerging areas of interest. It publishes research articles and scholarly discussion of nursing practice, policy and professional issues.

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  • Heart, Lung and Circulation

    Circulation: 1450   Average visits per month: 8193

    Specialty: Cardiologists, Cardio Thoracic Surgery

    The journal publishes articles integrating clinical and research activities in the fields of basic cardiovascular science, clinical cardiology and cardiac surgery, with a focus on emerging issues in cardiovascular disease.

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  • Infection, Disease and Health

    (previously known as Healthcare Infection)

    Circulation: 1260  

    Specialty: infection control,

    The journal publishes research, reviews and commentary on infection and disease affecting the health of an individual, organisation or population and of interest to researchers, clinicians, health workers and public policy professionals concerned with infection, disease and health.

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  • Journal of Physiotherapy

    Average visits per month: 10,871

    Specialty: physical therapy, physiotherapy, rehab

    The journal publishes significant research which has important implications for physiotherapy.

  • Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport

    Circulation: 2300   Average visits per month: 17,637

    Specialty: sport and exercise science, injury, rehab

    The journal publishes papers in the sub-disciplines relating to the broad sports medicine and sports science fields including sports science, exercise physiology, sport and exercise psychology, sports nutrition, public health, rehabilitation and injury management. 

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  • Obesity Research and Clinical Practise

     (online only)

    Average visits per month: 3308

    Specialty: endocrinology

    The journal aims to expose health care practitioners, clinical researchers, basic scientists, epidemiologists and public health officials in the region to all areas of obesity research and practice. 

  • Pathology

    Circulation: 3395

    Specialty: anatomical pathology

    The journal publishes peer-reviewed, original articles related to the science of pathology including anatomical pathology, chemical pathology and biochemistry, genetics, haematology, immunology and immunopathology, microbiology and molecular pathology.

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  • Women and Birth

    Average visits per month: 5307

    Specialty: midwifery, birth

    The journal publishes articles on research, quality assurance, clinical practice, case studies and original literature reviews on all matters that affect women and birth, from pre-conceptual counselling, through to pregnancy, birth, and the first six weeks postnatal. 

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